OPP Packaging Tape (Solvent Based)

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OPP Packaging Tape (Solvent Based)

Oriented Polypropylene Packaging Tape (Solvent Based Adhesive Tape)

The solvent based OPP packaging tape is a adhesive tape with the thickness of 8μm to 28μm. It is formed by heating the substrate like BOPP film and then coating it uniformly with pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion. This product is applicable for the light or heavy packaging and sealing boxes in line with its thickness. Our packaging tape is an indispensable product for the light industry and personal life. The main content of the pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion is butyl ester.

Our OPP packaging tape of high quality and high performance, can maintain its excellent functions even in the extreme climate. It is suitable for the shipping of containers and the goods sealing in the warehouse. Also, the theft and illegal open of goods can be prevented. Likewise, this packaging tape is characterized by high resistance, light weight, and low cost. It can well adapt to the automatic packaging machine for box sealing. With high intensity and adhesion, our packing tape can meet the special requirements of the sealing and packaging.

ModelSubstrate Thickness (mm/mils) Adhesion (kg/cm/ oz/in) Elongation (%) Tensile Strength (kg/cm/ lbs/in)
AS2G03BOPP film0.065 /2.560.28 /25<1804.5 /25.2
AS2F030.065 /2.560.28 /25<1804.5 /25.2
A12W030.068 /2.680.30 /27<1804.8 /26.9
AS2V030.075 /2.950.20 /17.9<1802.0 /11.2
AS2H030.080 /3.150.32 /28.6<1805.6 /31.36
A12M030.095 /3.740.30 /27<1806.5 /36.4

The aforementioned typical values are for reference only. For more details of product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and Thickness tolerance: ±10%, Width tolerance: ±3mm, Length tolerance: Cut Roll±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ± 0.5 %)

As a China-based OPP packaging tape (solvent based) manufacturer and supplier, Thinkpack offers a broad range of products, including aluminum foil tape, PE foam double sided tape, EPE foam sheet, strapping buckle, and more.

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