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Carton Sealing Tape

Printed Message Carton Sealing and Packaging Tape

Based on the client's requirements, the carton sealing tape can be printed with your Logo, phone number, or other information, to improve the grade of your package, prevent illegal open, and promote the enterprise image. It can be applied to the light or heavy packaging cartons in accordance with its thickness. This pressure sensitive emulsion mainly contains butyl ester.

Likewise, our qualified sealing tape comes with high performance. It works well even in the abominable weather. Our product enjoys the advantages like high resistance, light weight, and low cost. Also, it can be used with the automatic sealing machine to seal the cartons.

ModelSubstrate Thickness
Tensile Strength

As a specialized carton sealing tape manufacturer and supplier in China, Thinkpack also offers EPE bag, double sided tape without backing, polypropylene strapping, and semi-automatic strapping machine, among others.

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