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The adhesive tape is formed through coating the polypropylene film with acrylic adhesive. Based on the thickness, it can be applied to package and seal the light or heavy box. This tape with features like high resistance, light weight, and low cost, can be used to the automatic packaging machine for sealing boxes. It has become the extensively used packaging materials.

We at Shinda offer an extensive line of tapes for sealing all kinds of boxes. Those tapes also can be applied for securing. According to the specific environment and areas, we have developed the adhesive tapes of different working temperature ranges. Our product mainly includes solvent based or water based OPP packaging tape, gummed paper tape, carton sealing tape, etc.

As a professional adhesive tape manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a vast array of products that includes electrical tape, double sided tape, protective tape, acrylic foam tape, and more.

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