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The bubble film takes the high pressure polyethylene as the main material, which will then be added with auxiliary materials such as the brightening agent, anti-block agent, and the like. This light and transparent packing film has functions including moisture absorption, heat preservation, buffering. It can effectively protect your product. With excellent shock resistance, this product remains the same even under the effect of repeated impact. Therefore, it helps preventing the squeezing, vibration, and friction of the product in transportation, especially for those products where good compression resistance is urgently needed.

Moreover, our product is weatherproof, and can be applied in all kinds of hostile environment. When added with anti-static materials, it also can effectively eliminate the static electricity resulted from the friction.

Thinkpack is a professional bubble film manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including stretch wrap film, PTFE thread seal tape, adhesive tape, industrial tape, and more.

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