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Optoelectronics Electrical Insulation Tape

Our optoelectronics electrical insulation tape is available with various types. Most of the types are formed through coating the substrate like PET film with high viscosity acrylic adhesive. A63PB0 and A63P00 adopt the non-woven film as its backing materials.

Except the single side adhesive tapes like A54340 and A54610 who usually serve as the mobile phone screen protectors, all other types are double sided tapes. Different types are used for different applications. A64230, A64250, A64320 and A64610 are suitable for LCD module industry. A64240 is applied to heavy industry. A64710 is used for backlighting product fixation. A63PB0 and A63P00 are designed for fixation of die cut electronic part, and many others.

Performance Specifications

ModelSubstrateThickness(mm/mils)Adhesion(kg/cm/ oz/in)Elongation (%)Tensile strength (kg/cm/ lbs/in)
A64220PET0.030 /1.1811000 /89285101.4 /7.84
A642300.050 /1.9691200 /107142102.5 /14
A642400.062 /2.4411400 /124999101.4 /7.84
A642500.075 /2.9531600 /142856101.4 /7.84
A643200.100 /3.9381800 /160713403.0 /16.8
A646100.150 /5.9062100 /187499706.8 /38.08
A647100.200 /7.8752500 /2232131006.8 /38.08
A543400.050 /1.9691200 /107142403.0 /16.8
A546100.080 /3.151200 /107142706.7 /37.52
A63PB0Non-woven0.100 /3.9382300 /2053562.01.0 /5.6
A63P00Non-woven0.160 /6.32300 /2053562.01.0 /5.6

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and Thickness tolerance: ±10%, Width tolerance: ±3mm, Length tolerance: Cut Roll±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ±0.5%)

We are an experienced optoelectronics electrical insulation tape manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include aluminum foil tape, pallet wrapping machine, OPP packaging tape (solvent based), PE surface protection tape, and much more.

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