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Gummed Industrial Paper Tape

The gummed industrial paper tape comes with high viscosity and excellent weather resistance. With perfect autohesion, it is mainly used for the foam lamination of refrigeration condenser tubes. Also, this product can be applied to the paper making and fireworks production.

ModelSubstrateThickness (mm/mils) x39.375 Adhesion (kg/cm/ oz/in) x89.285 Elongation (%) Tensile strength (kg/cm/ lbs/in) x5.6
A133 Kraft paper 0.14 /5.51 ≥0.95 /84.82 <3 ≥4.5 /25.2
A134 0.13 /5.12 ≥0.95 /84.82 <3 ≥4 /22.4
A135 0.135 /5.32 ≥0.95 /84.82 <3 ≥4 /22.4

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and thickness tolerance: ±10%, Width tolerance: ±3mm, Length tolerance: Cut Roll±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ±0.5%)

We are a professional gummed paper tape manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide strapping buckle, OPP packaging tape (solvent based), EPE bag, electrical wire wrapping film, and much more.

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