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Double Sided Tissue Tape

Double sided tissue tape is a roll shape adhesive tape manufactured through coating the tissue paper with the elastic or resin type pressure sensitive adhesive. It mainly consists of the backing material, adhesive, and release or silicon paper. This product has many different applications. It is applicable for bonding PC board, nameplate, corrugated board, foam and plastic products, etc. Also, it is suitable for the object fixation. Here below are the details:


ProductDouble Sided Tissue Tape
Product DescriptionTwo sided coating of solvent –based acrylic or water –based acrylic; pressure sensitive adhesives (Only A63513 applies water–based acrylic)
A63403, A63413, A63433, A63423, A63453, A63443Usable on a wide variety of surfaces, such as PC board, nameplates;
Bonding many irregular or textured surfaces, such as heavy papers or corrugated board.
A63563, A63573, A63543, A63533Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, such as PC board, nameplates fixing and sticking
A63703, A63713General purposes: bonding industry film, metals, plastic sheets
A63463, A63493, A63483Suitable for bonding foam, plastic products
A63473(Premium Grade)Suitable for bonding foam, plastic products
A63513Used for bonding objects
A63903Used for Black shading
ModelSubstrateThickness (mm/mils)Adhesion
(kg/cm/ oz/in)
Elongation (%)Tensile Strength (kg/cm/ lbs/in)
A63403Tissue paper0.09 /3.540.48 /42.8620.8 /4.48
A634130.09 /3.540.48 /42.8620.8 /4.48
A634330.09 /3.540.48 /42.8620.8 /4.48
A634230.1 /3.940.52 /46.2320.8 /4.48
A634530.13 /5.120.6 /53.5720.8 /4.48
A634430.15 /5.910.72 /64.2920.8 /4.48
A635630.06 /2.360.4 /35.7120.8 /4.48
A635730.08 /3.150.48 /42.8620.8 /4.48
A635430.09 /3.540.48 /42.8620.8 /4.48
A635330.11 /4.330.6 /53.5720.8 /4.48
A637030.1 /3.940.48 /42.8620.8 /4.48
A637130.1 /3.940.48 /42.8620.8 /4.48
A63463A63493A634830.13 /5.120.6 /53.5720.8 /4.48
0.15 /5.910.6 /53.5720.8 /4.48
0.16 /6.30.6 /53.5720.8 /4.48
A634730.15 /5.910.72 /64.2920.8 /4.48
A635130.09 /3.540.32 /28.5720.8 /4.48
A639030.09 /3.540.48 /42.8620.8 /4.48

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and Thickness tolerance: ±10%, Width tolerance: ±3mm, Length tolerance: Cut Roll±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ±0.5%)

As a China-based double sided tissue tape manufacturer and supplier, our company also offers optoelectronics electrical insulation tape, semi-automatic strapping machine, bubble film bag, and masking tape, among others.

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