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The double sided tape applies the backing material like PP, PVC, tissue paper, or PET, for different application. After coated with pressure sensitive adhesive of high adhesion, both sides of the backing material will be separately added with a removable release paper, and then the desired double sided tape which is used to bond two objects is formed. This adhesive tape is often a preferred alternative to superglue and paste. It offers high adhesion, uniform thickness, and no odor. Also, our product can be easily used to provide instant bond on the place you desired. Due to the special formulation and excellent performance, this tape is applicable for many special purposes like the racket handle, automotive trim strip, telephone line fixation, and so on.

As a professional double sided tape manufacturer and supplier in China, Thinkpack offers a broad range of products, including PTFE thread seal tape, strapping machine, protective tape, acrylic foam tape, and more.

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