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Polypropylene Strapping

The conveniently used polypropylene strapping is made of polypropylene drawing resin. It is extensively used in various sectors due to its excellent performances like plasticity, tensile strength, and resistance to bending. This product can be used with semi-automatic, full automatic strapping machine. Also, it can be manually used. In addition to the beautiful appearance, lightweight, our product also comes with high viscous force and tensile force.

Many bright colors are for your choice, like yellow, white, black, and more. Translucent and transparent types are available as well. We also can customize polypropylene strapping for special purpose, according to your requirements and samples.


ModelStrapping MethodColorRaw Material Width (mm) Thickness(mm) Weight (kg)Tensile strength (kg)Elongation (%)
B11C1Common machinery strappingWhite or customized color PP131.010<60<20%
B21C1Manual strapping151.525<80
B21E1Gray or customized color161.217.5<40
B12B1Common machinery strappingTransparent or customized color13.50.810<100
B11A2White or customized color12.50.910>100

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

As a China-based polypropylene strapping manufacturer and supplier, Thinkpack offers a broad range of products that includes polyester strapping, conventional bubble film, PVC protective tape, EPE bag, and much more.

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