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Galvanized Steel Strapping

The galvanized steel strapping made of qualified cold rolled sheet has bright and flat surface, as well as uniform spangles. This fire-proof product is also characterized by good corrosion resistance, strong tensile properties. It offers a cost effective solution for the construction industry since our product can be used as the raw material of light steel keels, galvanized pipes, fire shutters, etc. This product can be used to pack cartons, prepainted steel sheet, welded pipe, aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot, and others.

The executive standard of the galvanized steel strapping is YB/T025-92. The smooth surface of the steel strapping can reduce the frictional resistance between the steel strapping and the objects to be packed. Thus, the packing will be more tight and secure. Moreover, without sharp edges, our product has no damage to your hands and the things to be packaged. One or two sets of galvanized steel strapping are wrapped within one linen package.


ModelMaterialWidth (mm)Thickness(mm) Weight (kg) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation (%)
B25Z1Galvanized steel160.350>600<4%

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

Thinkpack is an experienced galvanized steel strapping manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer PET electrical insulating tape, PTFE thread seal tape, bubble film bag, stationery adhesive tape, and more.

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