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Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Semi-automatic strapping machine applies the binding material like polythene plastic strap to pack and bind carton, wooden box, paper or paper parcels. It is widely used in the areas like the postal service, railway, bank, food, pharmaceutical industry, and publishing. In addition, our product can be easily repaired, and only a few components need to be replaced. The client can freely replace the damaged parts. Designed with the ergonomic principle, this machine comes with optimal balance. Both the tape width and knife can be adjusted as you like.


ModelPowerMin. Frame sizeBand WidthPacking speed Size LxWxH(mm) Net Weight
HB001 High table type0.65Kw60mm6-15mm1.5seconds895 × 565 × 735100(kg)
HB003 low table type0.65Kw60mm6-15mm1.5 seconds1510 × 565 × 49080(kg)

Strapping Machine Principle
This industrial semi-automatic strapping machine dispenses, tightens and seals polypropylene while packing or bundling. The machine automatically tensions strap and joins the ends with a secure heat weld. Once the strap is inserted, the motor automatically gets switched off. The machine have stainless steel strapping surface. This machine includes high table type and low table type.

Features and Applications

FeaturesAutomatic power off; adjustable cooling time; adjustable strap tension and length; Secure contents effectively; stainless steel strapping surface; portable for convenience; easy access for reloading strapping
ApplicationsStrapping of corrugated boxes, stationery;
New paper bundles;
Ceramics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc.
FeaturesPerfect and mature machine combination, low noise, reducing operation pressure; New generation electro thermal sheet steel design; No disadvantages of deformation and short circuit; Equipped with automatic stop device.
When the machine isn't used over 60 seconds, the motor will stop automatically and save electricity.
ApplicationsThis low table strapping machine has a wide range application, applied to package of aquatic products, etc.

Thinkpack is a specialized semi-automatic strapping machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides antistatic bubble film, PVC protective tape, OPP packaging tape (water based), EPE bag, and much more.

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